Does this happen to you

Are you being Abused?

If you think you may be in an abusive relationship, why not take a look at our questionnaire below.

If you would like to download a copy of this questionnaire click here.

Have you struggled to play your part, accepting more of the for worse than the for better of your marriage vows, and have largely accepted that this is as good as it gets?

Does your partner check up on you or go through your personal things?

Does your partner put you down, make fun or belittled you?

Does your partner swear or shout at you?

Are you worried about talking about certain subjects unless they’re in a good mood?

Does your partner criticise how you look, what you say or what you do?

Are you making excuses or lying about the situation to other people?

Are you stalked, harassed, followed or threatened?

Are you worrying that you’re going crazy?

Does your partner stop you from seeing friends and family?

Are you being made to feel guilty or blamed for your partners behaviour?

Does your partner force you to have sex against your will?

Does your partner push, hit, kick, bite, strangle or spit at you?

Does your partner control all access to money?

Does your partner have a Jekyll and Hyde personality?

Does your partner restrict or monitor your phone calls and social media?

Does your partner use scripture to back up what he expects from you?

Are you feeling helpless, worthless depressed or suicidal?

If you answer yes to one or two of these questions, take note of trouble areas and work with your partner to improve them.

If you answer yes to three or four of these questions, seriously examine your relationship and seek help from a qualified counsellor.

If you answer yes to five or six of these questions, your relationship is breaking down and abuse is an issue. Go to a counsellor who understands domestic abuse, and go alone! Relationship counselling is not appropriate at this stage.

If you answer yes to seven or more of these questions, you are absolutely being abused and crisis intervention is needed.